domar art prestigious ceramic

Domar Artists, a family owned ceramic manufacturer, was started by Israeli born Pinhas Domovitz who spent several years in Germany in the early 1980’s, still developing today, renew and add up-dated techniques with large range of new and old unique-hand paintings by Mrs. Galia Gal Ben-Sira and it staff as part of Taama Technologies Ltd. group. His earlier experimental works with glass and clay won him recognition by the President of the Union of German Artists, and s second prize for Young Artists. Domar Artists’ one-of-a-kind ceramic creations are world famed for their extraordinary beauty and stunning hand painted decor in sterling silver with white and gold platinum. Over the years, these outstanding works of art gained recognition by an exclusive clientele of celebrities. You are most welcome to visit and contact us.

  •  best quality judiac art work.
  •  hand craft and painted for best emotional experience.
  •  art certificate for any art work
  •  unique designs

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