Pure for God Necklace and Complementary Matching Earrings

The pendant’s setting is 22K gold-plated silver while the earrings are sterling silver. The Pure for God theme is taken from an archaeological find that was made beneath the Herodian Road, which led pilgrims to the Temple Mount. The tiny seal is made from clay and was imprinted with the Aramaic words, "deka leyah", meaning "Pure for God". This extremely rare find from the Second Temple period was likely used to mark products brought to the Temple that required a stamp of purity, similar to the oil jug from the Hanukkah story. The seal is the first archaeological evidence to the verse in the Jerusalem Talmud, Tractate "Shekalim", Chapter 5, page 48: "Whoever seeks libations should go to Yohanan who is appointed over the seals and give him coins and receive a seal from him”.

Technical Details:
0.98''X0.78''/ 5cmX2cm Length 17.7"/ 45cm
22K gold plated 925 sterling silver

0.78''X0.6''/ 2cmX1.5cm
925 Sterling Silver

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