Queen Helene Pearl and Agate Stone Jewelry Set

From the Queen Helene Collection. The earrings and necklace are made with 14K gold-plated sterling silver, inlaid with freshwater pearls and agate stones. Queen Helene, who converted to Judaism and built palaces in Jerusalem, is the inspiration behind this collection. Two thousand years later, inside one of her palaces by the entrance to the City of David, a single gold earring was found, closely resembling the earring and pendant in the set. Experts were impressed with how well-preserved the earring was and concluded that it was from the 1st century CE, the Roman period.  Gold jewelry set with pearls and precious gems was common throughout the empire. The earring was probably passed down from generation to generation, as it was found in a later archaeological layer. 

Technical Details:
1.96"x0.63"/ 5cmX1.6cm
22K gold plated 925 sterling silver
Fresh water pearls and green agate stones.


1.37"x0.59"/ 3.5cmX1.5cm Length 17.7"/ 45cm
14K gold plated 925 sterling silver
Freshwater pearls
Agate stones



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