Bookmark Greeting Card - Absalom`s Pillar

Magnetic bookmark that is also a greeting card. The bookmark is printed with a picture of Absalom`s Pillar. Designed exclusively for the City of David by Stephanie and Ruti Designs

Absalom`s Pollar is one of the monuments in the Jehosaphat Valley - the Kidron Valley. The monument is names for King David`s son Absalom who rebelled against his father. It is written that he built for himself a "hand" (Yad) which is translated as a memorial, in the Jehosaphat Valley. The monument pictured does not date to the times of Absalom, but rather to the end of the Second Temple period. It seems that this was a burial tomb of a wealthy Jerusalem noble who lived around the year 0.

Width 4.5 cm

Height 11 cm

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