CHARM Ten Commandments

Silver Torah design ten commandments pendant charm with a textured antique style. A thoughtful reminder of the very tenets that define one's faith. A stunning creation of fine craftsmanship and exceptional design. This antique-style Ten Commandments pendant charm is comprised of:
Silver with a blacken oxidized texture
Shaped like the stone tablets Moses brought down from G-d on Mount Sinai Adorned with intricate details, including a Star of David to underscore Jewish symbolism and tradition.
The words “aseret hadibrot” (ten commandments) are engraved in arches over the top
The beginning words of the Ten Commandments are subtly carved on the pendant.
A beautiful piece to give as a gift for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or for any occasion to display your faith.

Hebrew Ten Commandments Hanging Charm Bead

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