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The Secret of the hidden treasures of Ancient Jerusalem is the inspiration behind the Israeli made City of David contemporary jewelry collections

I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places,
so that you may know that I am the Lord Isaiah 45:3

The City of David – Ancient Jerusalem has been sharing her secret treasures that have been hidden away for 2000 years through recent archaeological excavations.

Beneath the Herodian Road, which connects the Siloam Pool and the Temple, archaeological discoveries contributed and altered our understanding of history. This is the road on which Jewish pilgrims traveled during the pilgrimage holidays of Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot to reach the Temple. And some left a few things behind.

Necklace from the "Pure for God" collection

This Passover, connect to ancient Jewish history in the most real and beautiful way possible- by wearing a piece of jewelry whose design is inspired by actual archaeological finds made in Ancient Jerusalem. These exquisite pieces were crafted exclusively for the City of David Store.

Today, jewelry is not just an accessory. The jewelry one wears tells a lot about a person. It is message – an inspiration to others. All the jewelry pieces in The City of David Jewelry Collection  are conversation starters -  inspiring jewelry that tells a story, the story of ancient Jerusalem, of Judaism during ancient times. Our collection combines ancient motifs with contemporary designs. Each piece is crafted using the highest quality gold, silver, and precious stones. And the result leaves those admiring it with a long lasting impression.

“They made bells of pure gold...on the hem of the Robe, all around” Ex39:25

This rare golden bell with a tiny loop attached to it, was found in perfect condition without a single blemish in an archaeological excavation, of what was Jerusalem’s main water channel at the time. It runs underneath the road where the High Priest traveled during his Temple service, especially during the water drawing ceremony on Hoshana Raba of Sukkot. The bell was seemingly sewn onto a garment belonging to a person of high stature, possibly even the High Priest. The underground water channel was built west of the Western Wall of the Temple Mount, at the bottom of the slope of the Tyropoeon Valley.

This piece radiates the most set apart Temple Service and service to G-d.  The wearer of this piece is not just a witness to ancient history coming alive, but also advocates commitment to intercede for family and friends through prayer, just as the High Priest interceded on behalf of the People of Israel.

Our center piece in this collection is made from pure gold, with delicately curved sides. Though only a centimeter wide, its ring echoes from the past. The Gold Bell Collection features gold plated earrings with a pearl, a gold bell necklace, a pearl necklace with a gold bell, and more.

Necklace from the "Golden Bell" collection


"Deka Leyah“, or in English, “Pure for God”

An ancient seal was found during the sifting of archaeological rubble that came from the excavation of the water channel at the foot of the Western Wall.  The seal is believed to have identified items that were brought to the Temple and required a seal of purity, similar to the oil jug from the Hanukkah story which was sealed with the High Priest’s seal. Made from clay, it is the size of a button and measures two centimeters wide. Two Aramaic words are imprinted on the seal, “deka”, and beneath it, “leyah”, meaning “Pure for God”.  The directors of the excavation explained that this seal is the first of its kind to be found, and provides archaeological evidence to the activities that were carried out on the Temple Mount and in the Temple during the Second Temple period. This fits with the verse that appears in the Jerusalem Talmud, Tractate Shekalim (Ch 5, pg 48) “Whoever seeks libations, should go to Yohanan who is appointed over the seals, and give him coins and receive a seal from him”.

The message of this piece is especially dear as a person had to be pure and ready, both physically and spiritually for his meeting with God. This piece is for guarded souls who understand the significance of meeting and connecting with God on a very intimate level.

The Pure for God Collection includes a gold plated necklace with a Pure for God seal pendant, silver earrings, a red leather bracelet, a sterling silver pendant, and other styles.

Necklace from the "Pure for God" collection


“You shall make a Menorah of pure gold, hammered out shall the Menorah be made, its base, its shaft, its cups, its knobs and its blossoms shall be [hammered] from it.” Ex 25:31

A stone object with a rare etching of the Menorah (Temple candelabrum) was found in the dirt beneath the Herodian Road, adjacent to the water channel. Although it is a depiction of a menorah that has seven branches, the etching only has five branches. The depiction of the base of the menorah holds great importance, as it clarifies how the base of the original menorah appeared. The fact that the stone object was found so close to the Temple Mount makes this find extremely important. Experts posit that a passerby saw the menorah up close, and amazed at its beauty, engraved its picture into stone and then threw it to the side of the road, never imagining that the drawing would be recovered two thousand years later.

From Ancient Jerusalem to the United States of America

When new envoy, Ron Dermer presented his credentials to President Obama, he gave the President a gift- a pair of cufflinks engraved with the ancient menorah symbol, with five branches. The menorah is a symbol of the Jewish people’s fight for its Land and its capital, Jerusalem. Following the ceremony, Dermer posted a picture of the cufflinks to Facebook with the words: “My gift to President Obama at my credentialing ceremony this afternoon: custom-made etched menorah cufflinks all the way from the City of David, Jerusalem.”

The Menorah, also the chosen symbol for the Israel Arm of coats, is a Symbol of Light. The precious design is etched into the very stone from the Temple Mount from where this Light emanated from. " in Your light we see light." Ps 36:9 The stone itself was salvaged by the Temple Mount sifting project, meticulously sifting through a huge amount of dirt that was removed during the building of a Mosque on Temple Mount and dumped in a valley nearby.

The Temple Mount Stone Menorah collection comes in an impressive pair of cufflinks or as part of beautiful pendent.


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