Freedom of Zion Roman Glass Necklace.

This necklace is part of a collection of jewelry that is inspired by a series of famous coins that were minted during the Jewish revolt against the Romans and reflect the spirit of the revolt over time. On one side of the coin is a grape leaf and the words “Freedom of Zion” inscribed in Hebrew, and on the other side, a goblet with the words “Year Two” (67/68 CE, the second year of the Great Revolt). This coin was found during the sifting of archaeological rubble from the Temple Mount at Emek Tzurim National Park on the Mount of Olives. Similar coins were found in excavations in the Shiloah (Siloam) Pool and in the City of David. The necklace combine roman glass fragment that originated from glass vessels from the Roman period, the glass was found in archeological excavations and is of great historical value. The special colored layer on the glass is called a patina, it was formed in the depths of the earth following a multi-chemical process.

Technical Details:
1.96"x1.96"/5cmX5cm Length 48cm
925 sterling silver and Roman glass
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