menorah treasure Roman Glass Necklace

Between the City of David and the Temple Mount, at the foot of the Southern Wall, a 1400-year-old Jewish treasure has recently been found. The rare treasure contained various coins and gold bars, but in addition also contained a large and beautiful pure gold medallion, along with a gold chain made by an artist with other small medallions - which was probably used as a jewel for a Torah scroll. On the medallion are stamped the temple lamp, shofar and Torah scroll, on the jewel are additional medallions with ornaments.

The coin design is inspired by a coin found at the archeological sifting project of the Temple Mount at the Emek Tzurim National Park on the mount of Olives. The circle surrounding the coin amulet is made of roman glass fragment which originated from glass vessels from the Roman period, creating a wholesome, valuable piece.

The special colored layer on the glass is called a patina, it was formed in the depths of the earth following a multi-chemical process.

Technical Details:

1.96"x1.96"/5cmX5cm Length 48cm

925 sterling silver and Roman glass

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