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Priestly Blessing

Priestly Blessing p

Priestly Blessing Silver Tablet

Deep inside a cave in the Hinnom Valley, an extremely rare and exciting find was made. Two extremely small silver tablets, rolled up like tiny scrolls. At its center, a hollow space, most likely used to insert a thread to enable the scroll could be worn as jewelry or an amulet. Engraved on one scroll are the verses from the “Priestly Blessing” from the Book of Numbers.  Dated to the First Temple period, it is the oldest archeological evidence of verses from the Bible.

David's Harp

David's Harp P

David's Harp Symbol

Inspired by a small harp ornament which was discovered during the sifting of archaeological rubble from the Temple Mount. Though it is unknown what time period the ornament came from, it is believed to have been used as jewelry. According to tradition, King David was a talented harpist. The harp has become one of the symbols most associated with King David, along with the Star of David.

Queen Helene

Queen Helene P

Gold Earring

Inspired by the original find- a gold earring which was found in an archaeological excavation in the Givati Parking Lot by the entrance to the City of David. Experts were amazed that the earring was found in near-perfect condition, and believe it to be from the Roman period.

Pure for God

Pure for God P

Pure for God Seal

Inspired by a unique seal which was discovered deep inside a water drainage tunnel that runs beneath the main thoroughfare of ancient Jerusalem. The seal is inscribed with the words “deka leyah”, meaning “Pure for God” and dates to the Second Temple period. Experts posit that it was used by priests to mark items that entered the Temple area with a seal of purity.