Wholslae guide to the reservation system

In order to streamline the ordering process for our wholesale customers, we have set up a  non-contact, dropship system.
Simply enter the order and payment information, send tracking information to your customer and they will receive the purchased products.
Please see below for a short guide to the reservation system.
Encounter a problem?
Please email: benjamin@cityofdavid.org.ill with a description of the issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Purchase Guide for wholesalers in the City of David Store:
- For jewelry purchases through the City of David store, simply enter the appropriate PIN from our wholesale site manager
- Choose the jewelry you wish to purchase
- Enter your PayPal account details
- Enter the details of the customer you would like us to ship purchases to
- Select the shipping method
- Select "Use a different billing address" and enter your address
- Complete the purchase process by confirming in PayPal
- You're done!
  You will receive a tracking number to forward to your customer and the purchase will be sent to the shipping address as soon as it is processed.